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Live Well. Retire with Confidence.


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Live Well. Retire with Confidence.


We Sell Annuities in the Kansas City Metro Area

An annuity is a financial tool that you can use to turn your retirement savings into guaranteed income that you can depend on. Certain annuities offer the opportunity for conservative, tax-deferred growth without any market risk. Retirement annuities are not one-size-fits-all; there are multiple types and varieties, each with its own benefits and limitations. While an annuity isn’t right for everyone, certain annuities can be more effective than others depending on their goals and objectives. At Absolute Retirement Solutions, we can make personalized recommendations based on your financial situation and specific retirement goals. We work with a number of the top annuity providers in the country in order to offer you a great selection. With our vast knowledge and expertise, Absolute Retirement Solutions can help you select an annuity strategy that fits with your overall retirement strategy.  

Don’t purchase an annuity without fully understanding your options; contact us today in order to schedule an appointment at our offices in Overland Park, KS. We serve clients across the entire Kansas City Metro Area. 

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A Retirement Annuity Can Generate Reliable Income for the Rest of Your Life

Unlike most retirement saving vehicles, an annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company, rather than a bank or investment firm. You can either make a lump sum payment or a series of scheduled payments into your annuity. In return, you receive regular payouts which can either start immediately or at a specified time in the future. Your principal is protected, and your funds accrue on a tax-deferred basis.  

When you buy an annuity, the insurance company issuing the product guarantees that your money is protected from market loss. Fixed annuities also guarantee that you will be credited a specified minimum amount of interest (or more) to your annuity value. Once you start receiving income from your annuity, you have the option to receive payments for the rest of your life. 

Before we make any recommendations, we’ll ask you about your current financial situation, goals for retirement, and how you plan to spend or pass down your savings. With this information, we can lay out your options and help you make an informed decision. If you have interest in purchasing a retirement annuity, these are the basic types:

Types of Annuities: 

Variable Annuity: You allocate your premiums to investment options within the variable annuity, often referred to as subaccounts. The insurance company pools this money and invests in underlying mutual funds. The annuity can gain or lose money based on changes in those investments, and you could lose money because your principal is at risk. Many variable annuities offer you the opportunity to purchase additional riders to provide certain guarantees to your money. 

Immediate Annuity: You purchase the annuity with a lump sum and immediately start receiving income payments. With this type of annuity, once you purchase it, you lose control of the lump sum and generally cannot make changes to it or cancel it. 

Fixed Annuity: Your premium payments and minimum interest rate are both guaranteed. Payouts are not dependent on the performance of the investments the company makes with the premiums it collects.  

Fixed Indexed Annuity: This type of retirement income annuity offers the potential to earn interest that is tied to the performance of an external index, such as the NASDAQ or S&P500, without ever being in the market. Any interest credited is locked in and can’t be lost due to market conditions. In a year, when the index option you have elected declines, you may not earn any interest. However, you won’t lose any money due to market loss. 

We Can Recommend Annuity Strategies That Fit Into Your Overall Financial Plan

Are you considering an annuity to strengthen your retirement income strategy? One of our agents can help you decide if this is the right choice for you, and if so, which products match your needs and goals. Absolute Retirement Solutions can also provide guidance on how and when to make withdrawals. We do this in order to help you minimize taxation and maximize your gains. At the end of the day, it’s about doing what’s right for you. Our agents have the skills to identify your path to success. Let us guide you into a comfortable retirement. 

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Live Well. Retire with Confidence.


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